Journey for Answers – Chapter 25 “Push Forward”

“Guys, let’s face it. We’re not getting out of here real time soon, so mind as well take a deep breath and take a nap. Matthew, you’re feeling like taking one?” Mike sank into the vans mattress with words trying to reach for Matthew. “Come on Mike, don’t be so pessimistic about this whole thing. We’ll get out of here, right Matthew?” Caroline looked around … Continue reading Journey for Answers – Chapter 25 “Push Forward”


The smell of freshly brewed coffee filled was one of the morning routine blessings, the only way for them to start functioning properly, until the afternoon. Nothing pointed out ‘good morning’ better than a cup of coffee. They knew what the day will feel like – hot, ruthless torture in the sun. They knew what comes, but they had to through it, after all, they’ve … Continue reading Painters