Parachute Jump

When the light struck through the living rooms widow, illuminating Slim Kev’s face who laid passed out on the couch. Slim Kev was the first one who passed out last night from their night in the bar. Last night at the bar when they all made an agreement for going skydiving this morning. When Slim... Continue Reading →

Band of Brothers

In the valley of the vast hot Northern side of Iraq, sat four soldiers. Soldiers who remained the last ones from battalion – clover. The heat was brutal enough to make them sit back in the shadow, except for Charlie whose dark skin made him enjoy hot weather. Their situation was dire, forcing them to... Continue Reading →

Night Out

The sound of applause kept coming from the other side of the door with the name ‘conference room’ written on it and continues chatter following up a brief moment after. Nicks team of architects stood right outside, with ears sharper than ever, trying to catch every word spoken by the people behind the door. Some... Continue Reading →

A Way Out

William had just left from work to have evenings beer, without intention for hooking up with someone. But faith has decided to play a different game with him. Entering the bar, strolling to the bartender and on the way he saw her; her, who differed from all the crowd. She wore a red dress with... Continue Reading →

Road to West

One Sunday morning they had to cross Sweden from East to West, carrying most of the stuff with them. Some of them took literally everything; some left something behind them and thought they would come back for it. They had to set off in the early morning, right after the sunrise. The roads were empty... Continue Reading →


Adrenaline kept rushing through his body, shifting gears from one to another - visualizing road like another playground. Recklessness was one of his best traits, as he was flying through the woods in his trusty old school Audi Quatro, which he designed for off-road. The mid-80s unstoppable machine, as he referred to it. Rocks from... Continue Reading →

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