“It was cold, colder than anyone before. I can swear that I never got this cold. Every time I was here it got a lot warmer – completely different. Now I’m just really confused about this whole thing. I think how it could happen. Dudes here probably can’t explain either, but, every one of them has one thing in common. More like a word in … Continue reading Amor

Journey for Answers – Chapter 20 “She”

From the moment they left the gas station, he couldn’t stop admiring the long black hair decorating back of Vanda’s head. How she waved her hand when she talked, and she talked often. A girl like her won’t stop saying thanks to Matthew, for picking her up at the gas station. He liked her for her stories, even if part of them could be made … Continue reading Journey for Answers – Chapter 20 “She”


“Can I have a coffee?” she asked the policeman, but he ignored her. “State your name for the record” policeman spoke in a thorough voice “Stacy. Stacy Kruger.” “Okay Stacy, start from the beginning” he clicked the end of the pen and opened his notebook. Stacy exhaled her breath and slowly inhaled it back. Her hands stopped sweating and she tried to calm herself. In … Continue reading Coffee