Train Ride

The story about a nomad who spontaneously hops a train named “Burning Man”. He believes there’s an answer in people who are on board of that train, the answers he’s looking for a while now. Determined to find what he’s looking for, he decides to document it to research it further down the line.

Episode 1 – Arrival

‘Imagine you decide to jump on this train, to a stop you can’t even pronounce. Hell, you can’t even imagine.  The mysterious destination is what keeps your mind busy and guess after guess you keep wondering – what lies in the … Continue reading

Episode 2 – Introduction

I have to make a confession – I haven’t slept in the bed this good for a long time. Despite the small amount of time spent sleeping I felt like a decent human being, at least I thought I felt like one. This morning was like every other… Continue reading

Episode 3 – Technology

You know, the true legends are those who get food for those who can’t get out of the bed; the ones who make an effort for the zombies. “That who simply say the other way is an asshole,” is what my father would say. I like to … Continue reading