book_inscription_bed_119633_1440x900Thank you for stopping by friend or stranger – if we haven’t met yet.

I wanted you to welcome to place where part of my imagination dwells; place which surfaced recently and as young soul, grows to its potential, overcoming obstacles which comes its way. With everyday it spends growing, some things might not be like they were, as Heraclitus quoted – “nothing is constant, expect a change”.

And I heard that every other day there’s story coming out or part of some, can you believe that? Perhaps it could be just the thing for your day. 🙂

If you desire to know about a soul behind the curtain and it’s vision, then this is the place where you go

Despite my passion of writing short stories, for simple entertainment purposes; left me starting my current work on series of story “Journey for Answers” with an idea to turning it into novel or simple long story for you to read into it.

P.s. being new to this whole website thingy, left me with a lot of stuff to become familiar with and from this point, everyday feels like another experiment.

Stay humble my friends, peace.

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