Train Ride: Episode 9 – Theatre & Cinema

I love that feeling when I wake and can feel in the bones that this day gonna be something different from the previous ones. When the intuition tingles that grey matter on the head and moves it slightly in the right direction. Yes, we finally had something entertaining, truly entertaining – theatre. I mean, I... Continue Reading →

Train Ride: Episode 8 – Games

The day of games and you know who’s hosting it? Probably by now, it’s should be self-explanatory that each country had to host two days in the row. There were topics for each day, but not the rhythm for them. Today was another attempt from polands to keep our minds entertained. I can’t say that... Continue Reading →

Train Ride: Episode 7 – Art

More like the art of survival, or regret – depends on how people look at it. Me, I was trying to survive from the moment I woke up and start to feel the stinging pain in my head. It felt like someone is poking my brain with a stick, trying to catch its reaction. Awful... Continue Reading →

Train Ride: Episode 6 – Culture

This was the day. This was supposed to be a day when everyone sees our capital and we would proudly await amusement on their faces, but no. It was just another place to go when we needed a break. Nine-thirty in the morning and we were already at the stop, twenty kilometers away from Riga.... Continue Reading →

Train Ride: Episode 5 – Music

Three. Three was the exact number of hours I spent sleeping while day changed from one to another. God, it felt painful to walk around half awake and half asleep. I was about to give away anything for a few more hours under the blankets and somewhere deep into the bed. Another poor man's dream,... Continue Reading →

Train Ride: Episode 4 – Movement

"To start understanding zombies, one must become a zombie" was the thing I learned the hard way, literally. Reminding myself what is a hangover after months of absence from booze. It gave me pleasure to laugh about half dead people in the mornings but becoming one was less funny to me. Not that I stayed... Continue Reading →

Together Forever

As a clueless boy in this world can be About all the things surrounding me Remembering the first day we spent together Which changed the way I see my world forever And the months we spent apart Made me dreaming about this moment The moment we would see each other The moment we'll get to... Continue Reading →

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